Throwback Thursday – Ecotricity Nemesis

Ecotricity Nemesis

It’s #ThrowbackThursday, and today we’re taking a look at another electric vehicle program powered by AVID, the record-breaking Ecotricity Nemesis. One of the fastest electric vehicles in the world at the time.

In 2010, AVID was approached by Ecotricity to assist with their Nemesis electric vehicle project. AVID developed a unique BMS to ensure optimal performance of the vehicle’s high power battery through complex cell management during driving, cooling and charging.

Our team also developed the traction torque vectoring and vehicle control software through an AVID ECU, along with designing the LV and HV VESYS and CANbus systems, allowing the vehicle to change its power consumption to match different driving modes.

AVID engineer working on the Nemesis

The Nemesis went on to break the UK electric car land-speed record in 2012, achieving an average of 151mph on 100% renewable electricity over the official test runs, and could do over 170mph! If you’re lucky, you might see the Nemesis at EV shows around the country, most recently on display at the Fully Charged Live show in June

The decision to install a dual-motor drive system with a single motor on each wheel eliminated the differential, creating a highly efficient powertrain capable of torque vectoring and presented a really exciting controls challenge to the AVID team. 

The Nemesis was groundbreaking at the time. Packaging and managing such a high power and energy battery into a compact vehicle would still be challenging today but in 2010 this was truly a special program. Using military-grade lithium cells and a structural carbon fibre composite enclosure with an active thermal management system. Even today the performance, stats and looks of the vehicle are still up to date.

Take a look at the video to see AVID’s work on the Nemesis