AVID is recognised as a leader in the design and manufacture of electrified vehicle powertrain systems. In addition to our hardware design capability, we have the ability to integrate hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain systems into heavy-duty and high-performance vehicle platforms. In our vehicle workshop area that can accommodate up to 5 heavy-duty vehicles with lifting facilities. Privacy screening can be provided for confidential projects.

We also have HV battery design and manufacture as well as our own battery management systems which gives us the flexibility to be able to tailor an energy storage solution based on the latest battery or supercapacitor technology.

We have in-house low voltage and high voltage electrical wiring harness design and manufacturing capabilities which enables us to turn around a wide range of high-performance VESYS solutions in short lead times to support development programs.

We have extensive knowledge of heavy-duty vehicle CANbus and electronic systems, in addition to industry standard hardware AVID has its own platform can enabled electronic control unit technology. This enables us to develop cost-effective control solutions for a wide range of applications.

This means that we can construct prototypes not only of components but up to full turnkey vehicle and powertrain solutions for heavy-duty and high-performance vehicle development programs.

Following on from the prototype build AVID has an extensive suite of data logging and testing equipment to allow us to carry out vehicle performance testing, verification and installation sign off tests.

For example, AVID has our own towing dyno for carrying out performance and thermal management systems testing and access to a local test track.

AVID works with many leading vehicle manufacturers to apply our knowledge and IP to the electrification of vehicle systems.

This includes working with our own systems and components but also delivering the integration of 3rd party systems. For more information contact us.