Specialising in the design of advanced thermal management systems which are outside the expertise of conventional heat exchanger or components suppliers. AVID has developed skills and expertise in the design of thermal management systems for:

  • High performance and heavy duty hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Efficient electrically powered cooling fan arrays for conventional diesel and CNG engined heavy duty vehicles e.g. bus and off-highway

We have in house thermal simulation software, fan and pump performance characterisation test benches and access to a full size calorimeter. Combined with the ability to utilise our extensive range of pumps, fans and control modules to deliver turnkey solutions to complex thermal problems. Our background knowledge enables us to deliver robust solutions in short time scales.

Typically due to the low temperature gradients and high internal pressure drops the design of a thermal management system for a hybrid or electric vehicle is more complex than it first appears. Optimising the power consumption of the system is also key as the parasitic load caused by the system can significantly impact on the battery range and performance of the vehicle. AVID has developed the tools and capabilities to deliver solutions to these challenges.

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Avid thermal management