AVID has a fully equipped surface mount electronics manufacturing facility designed to meet the rigorous quality demands of our customers, located in a clean room inside with full ESD protection. The high-speed component pick and place machines deliver accurate and repeatable assembly a wide range of electronics devices. In addition to the surface mount electronics capability we also have a wave soldering line that allows AVID to achieve high integrity soldering of through hole components and header connectors.

This electronics manufacturing capability is backed up by our expert knowhow in the design and development of power electronics, motor control and battery management systems. Our in house engineering and component testing capabilities allow us to deliver cost effective high integrity electronics solutions with rapid turnaround from design to manufacture.

AVID has a range of platform motor, control ECU and battery management system designs that are used inside our pump, fan, alternator and ancillary drive products. These platform designs allow us to deliver customised solutions for other applications quickly and cost effectively.

We also have our own testing facilities including environmental chambers and motor dyno facilities capable of testing a wide range of electrical machines and control electronics. AVID is experienced in the launch of new mechatronic products to meet rigorous automotive standards and have completed many environmental validation and type approval programs.

See our surface mount facility being built through this time lapse video:

Our in house manufacturing facility is able to cope with volumes up to 100,000 units per annum, although we specialise in the 1,000 to 100,000 units range as is typical of the heavy duty and high performance vehicle markets. Combined with our R&D capabilities this means we can support our customers from innovation to production.

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