AVID has in house motor design and manufacturing capabilities suitable for a wide range of industries from electrified powertrain systems for automotive to drives and actuators for robotics. Combined with our expertise in motor controller power electronics design and in house surface mount electronics capability this allows us to deliver a full motion control solution to our customers.

AVID has a number of unique motor designs ranging from high integrity permanent magnet brushless DC motors at 500W used in pump and fan drives up to 400kW ultra high torque density Axial Flux motors used for propulsion and actuation in applications including automotive, robotics and aerospace.

We have a number of motor dyno test facilities available for machine characterisation and durability testing ranging from large motor dyno testing which can deal with >1200Nm torque input.

To small motors for robotics and automotive powertrain ancillary systems:

Our in house engineering and component testing capabilities allow us to deliver cost effective high integrity electric motor solutions with rapid turnaround from design to manufacturing.

Our in house manufacturing facility is able to cope with volumes up to 100,000 units per annum, although we specialise in the 1,000 to 100,000 units range as is typical of the heavy duty and high performance vehicle markets. Combined with our R&D capabilities this means we can support our customers from innovation to production.

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