The TK1 Auxiliary Thermal Management System has a number of distinctive features. The system utilises the high performance FiL-11 brushless DC fan means that the heat rejection potential of the TK1 is much higher than a conventional radiator system.



Suitable for a wide range of uses from auxiliary cooling circuits, hybrid and electric vehicle cooling and low temperature heat exchanger for liquid cooled charge air systems the TK1 is a versatile off the shelf solution. Available with integrated temperature sensors and full system controller.

Also available with a high performance bar and plate oil cooler for hydraulic system cooling.

The system can be supplied with optional wiring looms, pipework and electrically powered coolant pump creating a rapid and cost effective solution to your heat rejection requirements.

TK1 systems have been supplied for:

  • Hybrid bus power electronics and electrical machine cooling
  • Electric vehicle batter pack cooling
  • Upgrading conventional truck cooling system for high temperature operation in Sub-Saharan climates

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