PM Radial Flux Motors

Permanent Magnet Radial Flux Motors

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Permanent Magnet Radial Flux Motors

AVID Technology designs and manufactures Permanent Magnet Radial Flux Motors, sometimes called BLDC motors. These motors are commonly used in a range of applications ranging from drives for electric pumps and fans to robotic actuation systems. Ranging from 500W up to 20kW and across a range of operating voltage levels.

In fact, these motors were originally developed for AVID’s class-leading electrified ancillary systems and were not available separately but now due to strong demand for this technology we are now selling the motors packaged with control electronics as a stand-alone product – Smart Motor Drive Units. We can supply housed smart motor drive units, or frameless motors and PCB assemblies.

Because AVID has in-house design and manufacturing for the motor AND the control electronics we can offer our customers huge flexibility and responsiveness.

AVID’s motors are highly efficient surface permanent magnet and also interior permanent magnet motors, all of AVID’s radial flux motors are interior rotor type. To find out more about AVID’s axial flux motors click here¬†and if you are interested in learning more about the different kinds of permanent magnet motor that are available check out our video:

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