Onboard Battery Charger

22kW SAE J1772 On Board Charger solution for electric and hybrid vehicles, available with output voltage up to 850V


AVID’s onboard battery charger has AC to DC power conversion technology offering best in class power density and efficiency to convert and control mains AC to DC for battery charging. Designed to comply with SAE J1772 for battery charging this is a high power density charging solution for battery-electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicle programs.

AVID’s Onboard Battery Charger technology is highly efficient because of its use of state of the art power switching technology and highly optimised magnetics. The AVID onboard charger is controlled via an isolated CANbus connection which is compatible with SAE J1939 and ISO11898. The charger has 3 charging modes to allow for effective and safe charging of electric and hybrid vehicle battery systems. The charger includes the filtering necessary for grid certification and vehicle EMI requirements.

With liquid cooling via a continuous tube heat sink for reliability AVID’s charger technology is exceptionally power dense with a market-leading power density of more than 1.8kW/Kg. The key specifications are:

  • 3 phase Input Voltage Range 360Vac ~ 440Vac
  • Single-phase Input Voltage Range ~ 110Vac ~ 260Vac
  • DC Output between 450Vdc to 850Vdc
  • Max Input Power: 22kW (Three Phase) 7.3kW (Single Phase)
  • Auto detecting Single / Three-phase operation
  • >0.95 power factor
  • Efficiency: >90%
  • Galvanic isolation between the mains circuit and HV battery

With a peak power of up to 22kW (in 3 Phase mode) with a DC boost stage to give a wide range DC output of up to 850V DC. AVID can also develop a customised solution based on our platform technology to suit the specifics of your application.

Onboard battery charger

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