HV Power Distribution Units

High Voltage Power Distribution modules for electric and hybrid vehicle applications.


AVID has developed experience in EV and HEV powertrain systems completing many successful programs. Our core technology can be built into High Voltage Power Distribution Units (PDU) that can be supplied as an easy to integrate module.

Each PDU is customised to the vehicle application and packaging requirements. The PDU will typically contain:

  • CAN enabled electronic control unit
  • High voltage contactors
  • Pre-charge circuit
  • Contactor weld detection
  • High power circuit protection
  • Power distribution cabling, busbars, and terminal blocks
  • Heat sinks and thermal management

Optionally we have built PDU modules that also featured:

  • DC / DC converter from HV to LV
  • LV battery conditioning electronics
  • HV battery charger
  • Battery Management System (BMS) master controller

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