EVO Electric Motors

AVID has taken over the design, manufacture and distribution of the high performance EVO Electric Motors from GKN. These motors have one of the highest usable power and torque densities of any electric vehicle drive motor available on the market today. Making them suitable for a range of high performance drivetrain applications.



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AVID Technology has taken over the development, manufacturing and sales of EVO Motors from GKN. Production of the existing AF-125, AF-130, AF-140, AF-230 and AF-240 motors has transferred to AVID’s facility in the North East of England. Customised motor solutions are also available from AVID to suit your application.

AVID EVO Axial Flux electric motors are ideal for electric vehicle propulsion and other high performance drive and actuation applications such as robotics actuators and propulsion systems for electrified aircraft. The EVO machine delivers one of the highest usable torque and power densities on the market.

The machine has a light weight composite rotor with exceptionally low inertia which means higher efficiency over a dynamic driving cycle and improved drive response, our quoted efficiency figures below are MEASURED on a dyno and INCLUDE inverter loses and had a representative coolant temperature of 55degC, our quoted weight is as installed in the vehicle, unlike some motor suppliers who quote unachievable levels of performance the EVO will deliver the below and more. The EVO is also liquid cooled by conventional water glycol meaning no additional cooling pumps or heat exchangers are needed further saving system weight and reducing parasitic loses.

This is all backed up by extensive validation and durability testing meaning the standard EVO machines are one of the most reliable e-machines on the market.

AVID EVO AF Motor Specification Table

The EVO motor compliments the existing AVID product range of high performance electric ancillary and thermal management systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. AVID is able to offer a complete powertrain systems integration service helping you to design, validate and manufacture your electric or hybrid vehicle.

If you have a special requirement for example higher speeds, increased power density or operating voltage we can help, the EVO design is very flexible and our team of expert engineers can develop a customised solution to meet your requirements.

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