ePump OP40 – Oil Pump

The OP40 is a high performance oil pump specifically designed for demanding gearbox lubrication in high performance electric and hybrid vehicles. The pump uses the same high performance proven 0.75kW brushless DC motor and control electronics as the FiL-11 fan. This enables full speed control of the pump via PWM or CAN.


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AVID’s oil pump body is built from marine grade aluminium for excellent thermal conductivity and durability. This high power electric oil pump is ideal for directed gearbox and driveline lubrication in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Moving from a traditional splash lubrication system to a directed lubrication system has been shown to not only deliver improvements in gearbox reliability, which can be a significant challenge due to the low speed torque characteristics of electric motors, in addition directed lubrication and scavenging also significantly reduces gearbox churning loses for improved vehicle efficiency and improved range.

OP40 brings a high-performance pressure pump and scavenge pump into a single package improving system control and packaging.

The control electronics are built into the same enclosure to improve the electromagnetic performance of the device.



  • Flow capacity to 15 lpm
  • Discharge pressure to 690 kPa
  • Fluid Temperatures from -35°C to 100°C
  • sub-zero start-ability and operation is application dependent
  • High temperature rated model currently in development
  • Ambient air temperature to 95°C
  • Light to medium weight oils



  • High efficiency, brushless, sensorless DC motor
  • An integrated motor drive controller
  • Self-priming
  • Fully sealed and submersible
  • Low EMC signature and susceptibility
  • Serviceable, customizable, scalable
  • Positive displacement gerotor pumping technology
  • Variable speed through SAE J1939 CAN protocol control
  • Control via single speed (on-off) or variable speed through PWM input


How To Order the OP40 Oil Pump

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