eFan FiX-11 Electric Cooling Fan

AVID Technology’s 11″ eFan is one of the most powerful, durable and efficient electric fan units available in the market.

Developed specifically for demanding heavy duty vehicle applications. The FiX-11 fan uses a highly efficient brushless DC motor and AVID’s proprietary control electronics to ensure performance and reliability.


AVID’s eFans are specifically developed for high performance and heavy-duty thermal management applications, where a high power electric cooling fan is required.

The fans have an integrated motor controller which gives infinitely variable speed control of the fan and reversal via PWM control signal or more comprehensive control and diagnostics via CANbus. This also provides for a failsafe backup in the event of the loss of control signal from the vehicle controller.

Motor & Electronics

The FiX fans use high efficiency and power density BLDC permanent magnet motors to deliver class-leading power density, delivering more airflow per kg or square centimetre than any other automotive cooling fan.

The motor and electronics are completely sealed, offering a level of ingress protection that exceeds IP6K9K requirements.

Fan Body

The FiX-11 main body and motor housing are manufactured from marine grade aluminium which provides high strength, vibration resistance, and excellent thermal conductivity. This enables the FiX-11 eFan to operate in more demanding applications than any other electric cooling fan on the market. The AVID FiX-11 will continue to deliver full performance up to over 100 degrees centigrade, unlike competitors products that begin to de-rate at low temperatures. The FiX-11 eFan is able to maintain its performance when you need it most.

The FiX series of eFans use a high specification cartridge bearing system that eliminates shaft misalignment that when combined with our high specification control electronics and BLDC motor gives a service life in excess of 40k hours* (*service life calculation is based on a specific duty cycle, this may vary depending on the application specifics)

Variations & Applications

The FiX eFans are suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty vehicle and machinery cooling applications, particularly where space is at a premium or where high performance is required. Due to the unique design of the blade the fan is capable of delivering a high power reverse flow, which can be used to enable greatly simplified cleaning of heat exchangers an important consideration in applications where dirt and debris block up the heat exchangers and require regular cleaning, such as buses, refuse (garbage) collection vehicles, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery.

Available as 12V, 24V or 48V DC input the FiX-11 fan is perfect for high-performance thermal management applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Current applications include:

  • Highly efficient main engine cooling for trucks, buses and off-highway machinery
  • Auxiliary hydraulic cooling packs for off-highway machinery
  • Battery and traction system cooling systems for heavy-duty electric and hybrid vehicles

AVID also produces customised versions of these fans for customer-specific applications, this includes modified blade designs, modified control message structure, higher voltage levels, and modified main housings.

The FiX fan is used by major OEM’s of heavy-duty and high-performance vehicles in applications where performance counts.

How To Order the eFan

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