eCP80 – Sealless Electric Water Pump

The sealless eCP80 ePump is a high-performance electric water pump, with an intelligent CAN enabled controller. The controller allows the pumps speed to be controlled via CANbus and also allows the pump to give full diagnostic information back to the vehicle.

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AVID has recently launched a new sealless electronic water pump into our extensive range of powertrain components. Already being used by major automotive OEMs and subjected to extensive validation and accelerated life cycle testing, the eCP80 sealless ePump is specifically developed for high performance and heavy-duty thermal management applications, where a high power electric coolant pump is required. This ePump has an intelligent CAN enabled controller that allows the pump’s speed to be controlled and also allows the pump to give full diagnostic information back to the vehicle.

Using a robust and efficient long-life brushless DC motor to ensure performance and reliability. The eCP80 is capable of a maximum flow rate of 86 litres/minute but has full speed control via CAN making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Due to this unique ability to precisely control the power consumption and performance of the pump it is rapidly coming to the standard pump for cooling heavy-duty hybrid and electric vehicle systems and can be found in electric and hybrid trucks, buses and construction machinery from the world’s leading brands. A special edition of the pump is also available which is ideally suited to water circulation of de-ionised water in hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Available as 24V or 48V DC input the AVID coolant pump is perfect for high-performance thermal management applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition to these applications, this ePump can also be found in more conventional vehicles for water circulation in auxiliary cooling circuits to boost the water flow or replace the mechanical water pump completely.


Key Features

The sealless eCP80 model has some major benefits over sealed water pumps.

NO SEAL – No more seal failure as the contacting surfaces overheat and wear out or get damaged from debris in the coolant and dry running. Meaning the sealless pump meets the needs of heavy-duty vehicle applications such as off-highway machinery and on-highway trucks and buses.

NO LEAKS – No more need for a weep hole to allow for the weepage of coolant liquid that weeps past the seal during operation.

MORE EFFICIENT – This design eliminates the reliability issues of the seal and the complexity of the mag coupling. AVID has used its advanced motor and electronics technology to deliver higher efficiency levels than any other sealless pump.



Operating Voltage: 18 – 32 VDC (24V Model), 42 – 54 VDC (48V Model)
Operating Current: Limited to 19 Amps at 24V, limited to 10 Amps at 48V
Peak Power: 450W
Maximum Flow: 86 litres per minute @ over 58 kPA static pressure. Integrated power electronics and CAN J1939 compliant controller providing full speed control and diagnostics
Weight: 2.95 kg
Temp Range: ‐40°c to +95°c
Motor Type: Ultra Long Life Brushless DC
Life Cycle: 40,000 + Hours Full Cycle
Housing: Die Cast Aluminium IP67 rated
Electrical Connection: Deutsch and APTIV connectors depending on voltage with a range of connecting adaptor kits


Variations & Applications

Available as 24V or 48V DC input the AVID eCP80 sealless coolant pump is perfect for high-performance thermal management applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Current applications include:

  • Battery and traction system cooling systems for heavy-duty and high performance electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Boost coolant circulation for heavy-duty diesel engines
  • Low-temperature coolant circulation for liquid-cooled charge air cooling circuits on heavy-duty diesel engines

AVID also produces customised versions of these pumps for customer-specific applications, this includes modified impeller designs, modified control CAN message structure, higher voltage levels, and modified main housings.


How To Order the ePump

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