DCDC Power Converter

Fully isolated DCDC converter technology for BEV and HEV applications. High power density with liquid cooling.


AVID’s DCDC power converter offers best in class power density and efficiency to convert high voltage DC-link typically 400 – 800V DC down to a safer low voltage for vehicle ancillary systems with outputs from 12 to 48V DC. The input and output of the DCDC converter are fully isolated.

AVID’s DCDC power converter platform technology has wide input voltage range capability and either single or dual voltage output. The module is controlled via an isolated CANbus connection which is compatible with SAE J1939 and ISO11898.

The DCDC power converter uses state of the art switching technology and optimised magnetics to ensure a high power to weight ratio. Because of this, the AVID DCDC power converter is exceptionally power dense with a market-leading power density of more than 1.1kW/Kg.

The DCDC power converter has liquid cooling via a continuous tube heat sink for reliability, this ensures an excellent heat transfer out of the device but eliminates the possibility for leakage found in brazed plate cold plates.

With a peak power of up to 12kW and a dual voltage output, giving 12V output for low power systems and a 48V output for higher power ancillary systems AVID has a high-efficiency DCDC converter solution or can develop you a customised solution to suit your program. Using a 48V output for some of the power requirement means a reduction in the size and weight of the DCDC converter is possible compared to solely 12V for a given power rating.

In addition, using 48V for the high power ancillary systems brings a significant improvement in performance compared to 12V ancillaries as the current required for a given power is reduced by a factor of 4. However, 48V ancillaries are significantly more cost-effective than their HV equivalents.

DCDC Converter

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