Bespoke Pump Designs

AVID has significant expertise in the design of brushless DC motors and intelligent motor controllers. This enables us to deliver bespoke solutions for pumps and other systems.

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Utilising our existing high-performance permanent magnet DC motor technology and high-performance electronics platforms significantly reduces the time and cost of developing an electric pump solution that meets your exact requirements. AVID electric coolant and oil pumps can be found in a wide range of applications, particularly hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains. Our in-house manufacturing in accordance with IATF TS 16949 allows us to produce the bespoke designs to the highest quality standards.

Examples of bespoke pumps designed by AVID include:

  • 24V high flow and pressure seal-less high-efficiency pump for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain
  • 300V coolant pump for electric vehicle powertrain
  • 48V high power coolant pump for main engine cooling in heavy duty vehicle
  • 48V coolant pump for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain
  • High flow and pressure 24V coolant pump
  • Low flow high efficiency 24V coolant pump
  • 12V high flow low-pressure oil pump for electric and hybrid vehicle powertrain
  • 24V electro-hydraulic pump for PAS in heavy-duty truck and bus

We can also supply motor drive units from our existing products as integrated motor drive units to drive a wide range of pump heads ranging from 250W to 15kW.

In addition to pumps, AVID can also assist in the design of the complete thermal management system including heat exchangers, ePumps, eFans and control systems from first principles.

AVID has in-house 3D mechanical design and CFD capabilities for pump optimisation and fully equipped testing facilities for complete validation programs to OEM standards.