Bespoke Fans

AVID has many years of experience in the design of highly efficient motor controllers and brushless DC motors. The company also has in house 3D mechanical design and CFD capabilities meaning that we are capable of developing custom solutions for cooling fan challenges. Utilising our background knowledge allows us to bring products to the market faster, with less risk and at a lower cost.




AVID is a leader in the design, validation, and manufacture of high-performance electric fans. Our eFans are used by leading vehicle manufacturers for critical thermal management applications where performance and efficiency are critical.

In addition to our standard fan products, AVID works with our customers to develop customised bespoke fans, using our eFan and eFan Motor drive solutions that are tailored to their application.

AVID’s eFan units use our proprietary high power density electric motor technology and our high-efficiency electronics. Because we have in-house design and manufacturing for these critical elements we are able to offer high levels of customisation including:

  • Customised electrical connectors
  • Customer-specific control message structure in CAN and LIN
  • Customer-specific PWM configuration
  • High power stand-alone fan Motor drive unit e.g. 3 – 10 kW fully integrated electric motor assembly

In addition to the electrical and electronic customisation, because AVID has in-house blade design expertise and full mechanical housing we can deliver a fully customised turnkey cooling fan solution:

  • Custom fan blade design
  • Complete assembly for bespoke fans

Our speciality is high power density electric fan modules and fully integrated fan drive motor assemblies where we can deliver more power per unit volume and kg of weight than the competition.

Our ability to deliver customised solutions is backed up by our extensive in-house product validation capabilities and our design and development process which is in accordance with IATF 16949. Our in-house manufacturing delivers a highly flexible capability to deal with our customers’ specific needs.

Contact us here today to find out more about our bespoke and customised eFan design and manufacturing capabilities.