Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Systems for a wide range of battery storage applications from electric and hybrid vehicles to industrial robotics and aerospace.



AVID has developed state of the art battery management systems that are highly flexible and can be used with a wide variety of battery cells. Our battery management systems can be used in a wide range of BMS topology configurations.

In an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), the battery management system (BMS) monitors and controls the high-voltage battery stack. Management features include:

  • Measuring the cells’ charge, voltage, temperature, and health
  • Controlling the flow of battery coolant (optional)
  • Diagnostics and protection for the battery
  • Controlling the current among cells to avoid over or undercharging (cell balancing)

The AVID BMS Can be operated as a self-contained unit suitable for smaller capacity batteries for hybrid and industrial robotics applications. In this configuration localised processing within the BMS provides SOC, cell balancing, and communications to a master system controller via CAN. Digital and analog I/O can be integrated into the BMS for further functionality.

Battery Management Systems

Or for larger capacity batteries AVID has string module control units (MCU) with ISO-SPI comms and a range of conversion and top-level processing and control options. These options can be configured to deliver compliance to ISO26262.

AVID has experience of working with many different battery cell formats including pouch, prismatic and cylindrical and chemistries including Lithium NMC, LiFEPO4, and LTO. Our battery systems achieve high power densities and extended cell life through good thermal management and BMS control.

Check out our white paper on battery thermal management.

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