48v Mild Hybrid
48V Mild Hybrid Systems

AVID’s 48V Mild Hybrid System has been developed as a cost effective solution to deliver improved fuel consumption and a reduction in CO2 and harmful exhaust emissions in heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, buses and off-highway machinery

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tk1 fan system
TK1 Fan System

The TK1 Auxiliary Thermal Management System has a number of distinctive features. The system utilises the high performance FiL-11 brushless DC fan means that the heat rejection potential of the TK1 is much higher than a conventional radiator system.


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micro hybrid systems
eFan Micro Hybrid Systems

AVID’s eFan Micro Hybrid System (MHS) replaces the conventional engine cooling system. The AVID MHS reduces parasitic loads on the engine and allows operating temperature to be optimised and reduces fuel consumption.


Electronic Cooling Thermal Systems FAQs

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custom solutions
Custom Solutions

AVID has been developing electrified engine ancillaries, control systems and advanced thermal management systems for many years. We are proud to be working with some of the worlds leading vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers to help them develop innovative solutions for the vehicles of the future.

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