Power 450 Alternator
Alternators & Crank Assist

The Power Series Alternator Range consists of a number of high performance, high efficiency brushless alternators. The series is based around the same family of proven components and a unique electrical machine design.

As well as operation as a conventional alternator with diode rectification, AVID can now offer the Power Series Alternator with a range of rectification and control options.

Smart alternator control means the ability to only utilise the alternator under braking and engine off load periods to reduce parasitic power consumption.

Active alternator rectification means it is now possible to operate the Power Series Alternator as a a bi-directional electrical machine. Providing charge, and also providing power back to the engine in crank assist mode.

A high performance brushless rotor lies at the core of the P450, with a unique design to maximise efficiency. High performance diode rectification is used on the standard alternators and active rectification electronics are available as a custom solution.

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