tk1 fan system
TK1 Fan System

The TK1 Auxiliary Thermal Management System has a number of distinctive features. The system utilises the high performance FiL-11 brushless DC fan means that the heat rejection potential of the TK1 is much higher than a conventional radiator system.


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liquid cooled charge air cooling
Liquid Cooled Charge Air Cooling

Liquid Cooled Charge Air Cooling, sometimes referred to as Indirect Charge Air Cooling is a key strategy in the reduction of emissions and efficiency improvement in modern low emission diesel engines. This technology see’s the conventional “Air to Air” charge air cooler replaced by a more advanced system involving a low temperature cooling circuit, coolant circulation pump, low temperature radiator and a liquid cooled charge air cooler or LCCAC.

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thermal systems
Bespoke Thermal Systems

AVID has produced bespoke thermal management solutions for a wide range of applications. Ranging from keeping hydrogen fuel cell’s cool in mobile applications to managing heat build up in sensitive stationary electronics systems. AVID uses the highest performance heat exchangers that are perfectly matched to our high performance electric fans and pumps and offer the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

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