OP40 oil pump
ePump OP40 – Oil Pump

The OP40 is a high performance oil pump specifically designed for demanding gearbox lubrication in high performance electric and hybrid vehicles. The pump uses the same high performance proven 0.75kW brushless DC motor and control electronics as the FiL-11 fan. This enables full speed control of the pump via PWM or CAN.


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Electric water pump
ePump WP29 – Water Pump

The WP29 ePump is a high performance electric water pump, with an intelligent CAN enabled controller. The controller allows the pumps speed to be controlled via CANbus and also allows the pump to give full diagnostic information back to the vehicle.

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eCP80 water pump
Bespoke Pump Designs

AVID has significant expertise in the design of brushless DC motors and intelligent motor controllers. This enables us to deliver bespoke solutions for pumps and other systems.

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