AVID has the ability to deliver cost-effective and high integrity actuation and propulsion solutions for robotics applications. This builds on AVID’s expertise in high-performance electrical machines and power electronics design and manufacture.

AVID custom electronics

AVID can deliver a turnkey motion and control solution for your application by using our platform motor and controller technology. Ranging from < 100W to > 400kW. AVID has motor technology including permanent magnet radial brushless DC to high torque density axial flux machines.

custom electric motor web
With both electronics and motor design and manufacturing located in one facility, this leads to highly integrated solutions which are delivered in short lead times. Our knowledge of product validation for demanding automotive and aerospace applications means that we can also help to develop an appropriate testing and validation program to ensure that the reliability and quality objectives are met.

To find out how we could help you to deliver propulsion and actuation for your robotics system contact us!