AVID designs and manufactures technology that helps our OEM customers to deliver the modern high efficiency and low emission vehicles of today and the future.

AVID’s core competency is the electrification of powertrain systems. AVID pioneered the electrification of engine cooling systems and Smart Alternator charging to provide the electrical power, so-called Micro Hybrid System in Heavy Duty Vehicle applications, realising that there was a huge opportunity to reduce parasitic losses and improve the engine thermal performance through improved temperature control provided by the eFan Micro Hybrid System. Since then, the company has built up a huge wealth of expertise in the electrification of systems applying the same principles of smart electrification to other engine ancillary systems using our high power density motors and electronics. AVID’s product ranges can be found here:

AVID’s class-leading electric coolant pumps are used in a diverse range of applications. (AVID’s standard and bespoke ePumps), Their unique combination of advanced electronics control, high-efficiency motors, diagnostic feedback and fluid dynamics means that they are suitable for mission-critical applications such as:

  • Low-temperature coolant circulation in liquid cooled charge air systems.
  • Hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack, traction motor and power electronics cooling.
  • Split EGR cooling circuits.
  • Auxiliary or boost cooling circuits for extreme climates and parasitic loss reduction (through downsizing the primary mechanical coolant pump).

AVID also has high-performance electric oil pumps which are suitable for a range of applications including:

  • Gearbox lubrication in heavy duty and high performance electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Engine and gearbox dry sumping.
  • Oil and fluid transfer.
  • Pumping oils for thermal management of power electronics, motors and battery systems in electric and hybrid vehicles.

In addition to our off the shelf coolant and oil pumps AVID has the ability to design and electrify a range of other pump systems on the vehicle to provide more control, reduced power consumption and optimised performance including hydraulics and compressed air systems. The company can work at a number of levels simply providing our high-performance products or working to help with systems integration and vehicle level control.

AVID’s class-leading eFan offers the highest performance in terms of airflow per unit of electrical power in the most compact package of any axial fan on the market. Combining intelligent control electronics, high-efficiency motors and a CFD optimised blade design in a robust die-cast aluminium housing gives a performance and thermal stability that is simply unbeatable. (AVID’s eFans)

When designing a new system for a vehicle, we are adding significant electrical loads for eFans and ePumps which combined with the other hotel loads such as HVAC, radio equipment, infotainment systems can create a large electrical demand. We are often asked about the extra power requirements, lack of headroom and that there is not a suitable alternator from their normal supplier.

In answer to these issues, AVID provides the Power Series Alternators, designed specifically for heavy-duty vehicle applications with high electrical demands. This range of power alternators provides the power required to drive all the vehicles electrical systems. Models are available from 300Amps up to 550Amps at 28V at a super high-efficiency rating these units are capable of solving many electrical power supply problems. The higher efficiency than conventional automotive style alternators allows more electrical power to be generated with no impact on engine performance. We are now also able to supply 48V charging systems. (AVID’s Power Series Alternators)

AVID has a wealth of experience in the electrification of these systems which allows us to develop cost-effective solutions in shorter timescales than would otherwise be possible. Intelligent electrification involves taking a systems approach realising the interdependencies of components in a system and optimising the control to minimise their power consumption. In addition to 12V and 24V systems, AVID is increasingly providing electrified ancillary solutions at higher voltage levels, for example, 48V, 400V, and 600V.

Our ability to support the customer from concept to production is unparalleled. Contact us here to find out how we can help you!