AVID initially developed the eFan Micro Hybrid System for the Bus and Coach Market. We soon realised that there were other applications for our technology in the vehicles operated under similar conditions.

The low-speed operation, high load factors, long operating hours, harsh conditions and high fuel consumption found in mining and construction equipment means that the eFan Micro Hybrid System can deliver improvements to efficiency, reliability, and safety in this sector.

AVID initially worked with one of the leading Surface Mining companies in the U.K. to implement our eFan Micro Hybrid System technology on a Rigid Frame Dump Truck, the company has applied for several patents relating to this innovation and has since successfully deployed the technology to aftermarket mining sites across the world. Their vehicle operators can now enjoy the benefits of reduced fuel consumption and also the simplicity of cooling system cleaning with the fan reversal feature which can be automated in off-highway applications.

As a result of this, AVID is now also working with some of the leading manufacturers of Off-Highway machinery to deploy its technology into their products. In addition to the eFan Micro Hybrid System, AVID’s ePumps are enabling Liquid Cooled Charge Air Cooling systems to improve transient throttle response, reduce pipework and improve fuel consumption. Auxiliary cooling units and circuits for hydraulics and other thermal loads can also be added to tackle specific vehicle problems.

Our EVO electric motors make the ideal choice for hybrid and electric off-highway machinery propulsion systems due to their exceptionally high power to weight ratio and low-speed torque characteristics.

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