AVID designs, develops and installs technology products to improve the fuel consumption, reliability and safety of heavy-duty vehicles and has a long and successful history of integrating these new technologies into existing vehicle platforms throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East and Austral-Asia.

The running costs in terms of fuel and maintenance of heavy-duty vehicles are significant and the high initial capital cost and long life spans make any cost-effective activity to upgrade existing vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and other running costs attractive.

AVID’s technology centres around the electrification of ancillary systems such as cooling fans, pumps, and compressors. Electrification of these devices rather than a belt or hydraulic drive brings many advantages. Common problems which AVID has solved include:

  • Elimination of unreliable/leaking hydraulic fan drive systems.
  • Easily blocked heat exchangers leading to overheating and high maintenance costs.
  • High-efficiency diesel engines running too cold, allowing excess water build up in oil in ineffective lubrication leading to premature main unit failure.
  • Engines running too hot, OEM cooling system incorrectly or borderline specified did not take into account wear and tear or new conditions.

AVID pioneered the electrification of heavy-duty vehicle cooling fan systems. Our eFAN Micro Hybrid System is a cost-effective vehicle upgrade which sees the OEM cooling system replaced with an advanced integrated system with high-performance electric fans. This heavy-duty electric fans are the only fans on the market specifically designed for this application and offer unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability. With high power density, robust aluminium housing, fully reversible, and integrated finger guards these fans units are built to last the life of the vehicle.

To provide the electrical power to operate the system AVID’s Power Series Alternators are able to solve many of the common problems associated with multi alternator arrays where a high electrical current is needed with a single high-efficiency robust machine. These alternators offer excellent charging characteristics with low engine speeds virtually eliminating Did Not Start (DNS) incidents due to flat batteries and significantly improving battery life. The high efficiency of the alternator also reduces fuel consumption when compared to a conventional machine.

Our high-performance coolant pump the WP29 can be used to upgrade salon heating systems by replacing the standard low-performance boost circulation pump in Transit Bus applications. The increased flow delivered by the WP29 improves the cabin heating system and its heavy-duty construction ensures a long service life.

Our direct experience in the heavy-duty vehicle aftermarket also contributes greatly to our developments of new products for the OEM market.

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