AVID is a market leader in the provision of electrified powertrain systems for the rapidly growing electric and hybrid vehicle market. This includes a wide range of applications from high-performance passenger cars, motorsport vehicles, heavy-duty buses, trucks and off-highway machinery.

AVID’s market-leading technology is used by many leading manufacturers of heavy-duty and high-performance electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle powertrains for efficient thermal management, lubrication and ancillary drive systems and high power density electric propulsion systems with our EVO motors.

Our unique expertise in the electric motors and electronics used across the key powertrain systems enables AVID to design a fully optimised solution, leading to reduced power consumption and improved functionality that delivers improved range from a given size of the battery. Example applications include:

AVID has extensive experience, know-how, and IP in the field and the ability to support customers from concept to production. We have the ability to undertake projects ranging from complete vehicle powertrain development and integration down to a single electrified component.

Normally we can’t talk about our projects due to customer confidentiality, but one of our customers kindly allowed us to produce this short video detailing how AVID helped to deliver a record-breaking electric vehicle powertrain.