Whilst working to develop a new electronic controller for a hydraulically driven cooling fan we had an epiphany, and AVID’s mission to improve efficiency and reliability commenced in the bus and coach market

The hydraulically driven system that we were trying to improve was compromised on several fronts; the pump and motor were inefficient and could never be turned off. The large diameter fan was not efficient enough to cope with the wide speed range across which it operated and the huge speed difference between the hub and the tips. The heat exchangers were stacked up so it was impossible to direct cooling air to the charge air system without also drawing it through the engine radiator, even if this was stone cold. We also discovered that the hydraulic systems were prone to leaking and that this was a major cause of fires.

Looking at more conventional belt driven systems we found new buses using ancient bi-metallic spring viscous clutch technology to control belt driven fans. They did not have the losses and complication of the hydraulic system, but they suffered from an even worse control than the hydraulic systems, and moreover, they had problems with systems becoming blocked with debris and diesel engines running cold.

It was obvious to us that we could use technology to improve this.

AVID began working with EMP in North America and developed the eFan Micro Hybrid System. Since then AVID has pioneered this technology in the bus and coach markets of Europe and beyond.

Initially, the industry was sceptical. We were often told it would never work by established players in the market, potential customers and vehicle manufacturers, people who we probably should have listened to. However, we persevered because we believed that we had found something that could truly transform the bus and coach industry for the better. Not only could we cost-effectively reduce fuel consumption which is the biggest operating cost, but we could also eliminate the number one problem the industry was telling us it had – breakdowns due to overheating. In addition, AVID’s system completely eliminates the fan hydraulic system from the engine bay, vastly improving fire safety. Our YouTube video explaining the benefits of the AVID eFan Micro Hybrid System:

The eFan Micro Hybrid System has now gained acceptance in the marketplace, and we have a huge installed base of systems with leading bus operators that is expanding all the time. We are also now working with bus manufacturers to bring the technology to new vehicles as well.

Our MHS technology has gained so much acceptance, that it is now being imitated, by some of those initial cynics who said it would never work. At least now we no longer get people saying to us, “If it’s so good, why is no-one else doing it?” anymore! This continues to drive us to improve and develop the technology to deliver more. We have been able to significantly enhance the fuel savings achieved and the costs of the product, without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Following our mantra of improving Efficiency, Reliability, and Safety we have brought a range of highly efficient Alternators to the market. The Power Series Alternators are specifically designed for the highly transient driving conditions found in the transit bus industry with power outputs up to 535 Amps and class-leading efficiency levels they are designed to overcome the other major issue in the transit bus industry, DNS or did not start. Fitting a Power Series Alternator as an aftermarket addition will significantly improve battery life and condition and almost entirely eradicate DNS incidents.

Our WP29 coolant pump has found many applications in the bus and coach industry being used on almost every fuel cell (FCEV), hybrid (HEV) and full electric (EV) bus and truck made in Europe.

Our high-performance EVO electric motors are the ultimate choice for a hybrid or electric powertrain for the Bus and Coach market, with the highest power and torque density available on the market the EVO technology has the potential to save hundreds of kg compared to conventional electric motors.

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