Episode 57 – Interview with Nick Kitchin, Cumulus Energy Storage

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan talks to Nick Kitchin the CEO and co-founder of Cumulus Energy Storage who are developing novel rechargeable copper zinc battery technology for grid storage applications.

Ryan finds out more about Cumulus Energy Storage and their technology and discusses the grid energy storage market in detail with Nick. Grid energy storage is a vast and growing market driven in part by the move to more renewables and also connected to the rise of electric vehicles. Grid storage helps to even out supply and demand so we can utilise capacity more efficiently rather than paying power plants to run at zero load.

Cumulus Energy Storage are at an early stage and they have big plans to develop the business into a significant player in the grid storage market. Nick’s story is also very interesting as he moved from engineering to business coaching and being an author and back into life as an entrepreneur.

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