Episode 55 – Interview with Matt Windle, Executive Director Engineering, Group Lotus

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan talks to Matt Windle the Executive Director of Engineering at the iconic British sports car maker, Lotus and maker of the Evija electric supercar.

Matt talks about his background and how he got into engineering and progressed to his current role at Lotus. Matt and Ryan discuss the Lotus Evija hyper car, the inspiration behind this amazing project and the engineering challenges and solutions that led to such an amazing result that really put Lotus on the map. How did Lotus manage to achieve the dynamic goals whilst dealing with the electrified powertrain systems.

The Evija is an important halo product for the company setting the design direction and a clear statement of intent as they move into electrifying their model line up.

Matt and Ryan then go onto discuss Lotus’ plans for the future, the recently announced focus on electrification and what that means for future development programs at Lotus.

Lotus is a fabulous sportscar brand and now as part of the Geely group of automotive companies they have the resources to invest heavily in new product development. This is driving an ambitious program of vehicle development that will see the company launch an exciting range of new vehicles under their Vision80 plan.

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