Episode 53 – Interview with Dr Mark Selby, Ceres Power PLC, SOFC Fuel Cells

In this episode of the AVID Technology Podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Dr Mark Selby the CTO of Ceres Power PLC about SOFC fuel cells. Ceres Power develop and licence Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology from their base in the UK to a wide range of global applications.

This episode follows on from an earlier episode with Proton Motor Power Systems PLC who are leaders in low temperature PEM fuel cell technology, we had a lot of listener questions about alternative fuel cell technologies so we asked Mark to come and talk to us about SOFC technology.

Ryan and Mark discuss many aspects of solid oxide fuel cell technology, Mark’s passion and expert knowledge make this a fascinating conversation. We learn why solid oxide fuel cells are called that, how SOFC’s work and what kind of applications they are being used in from data centres to range extended buses. Mark also tells us how SOFC fuel cells compare to low temperature PEM fuel cells and the different applications in which they are both finding traction.

The Fuel Cell market is set to grow as the world transitions to zero emission technology to reduce CO2 and Improve air quality, there is unlikely to be a single solution that takes the whole market and it does seem like SOFC will be a critical technology for the future of clean renewable energy, green chemical production and electro mobility. Whilst Fuel Cells do have drawbacks compared to simpler battery electric vehicles they bring advantages which are important in some applications.

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