Episode 52 – Interview with Dr Greg Offer, Imperial College London, Battery Technology

For this episode of the AVID Technology podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Dr Greg Offer from Imperial College London about battery cell technology. Greg is a world-renowned expert in battery cell electrochemistry and technology, in particular thermal characterisation and degradation characteristics.

They discuss a huge range of battery cell technology including; the importance of cell thermal management and the impact on degradation in battery cells. Imperial’s cell cooling co-efficient.

That all battery cells even of the same form factor are not created equally and there are huge differences in the thermal characteristics which can have a knock-on impact on the real world performance of the battery pack.

The differences in cell form factor, how cylindrical cells compare to prismatic and pouch cells. As well as Tesla’s recent patent on cylindrical cell design to eliminate jelly roll, improve volumetric fill, improve current collection and heat rejection

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