Episode 46 – Interview with Robbert Lohman, 2getthere, a ZF company

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Robbert Lohman from Autonomous Transport Systems provider 2getthere.

Robbert has been involved in the development and deployment of autonomous transport and logistics systems for around 20 years, a long time before the current tech hype cycle started! His company 2getthere is now a subsidiary of the ZF group who are a major tier 1 automotive supplier.

2getthere design, develop and deploy autonomous transport systems. Particularly focused on first mile and last mile connectivity to mass transit. They have systems operating in a wide variety of applications and countries building up a wealth of expertise in the area.

Ryan and Robbert discuss the AV space current state of the art and future trends, it was a fascinating discussion that contains some surprises, we hope you get some value from it too.

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