Episode 45 – Interview with Deres Eshete, ON Semiconductor

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Deres Eshete, who is Global Head of Automotive Business Development at ON Semiconductor. We discuss power switching device technology and ON’s growing business and focus on the rapidly expanding electrified powertrain market.

On Semiconductor is a Fortune 500 Semiconductor design and manufacturing business, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States of America.

With revenues in excess of $3 Billion per annum ON is a leader in the power switching device market. If you aren’t familiar with the ON Semiconductor name the company was formed in 1999 as a spinoff from Motorola’s semiconductor business. Since then ON has acquired several famous semiconductor manufacturing businesses in the switching device world including Cherry, Sanyo and Fairchild.

Switching devices like IGBT’s and MOSFET’s are the heart of modern variable speed motor control electronics. The switching devices are turned on and off to make the motor spin! We did a detailed explainer video that you can find here if you are interested in more information. They are also essential for sensor systems such as LIDAR used in autonomous technology. Deres talks us through the different technology and what ON Semi are doing to advance both technology and manufacturing capacity.

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