Episode 35 – Interview with Mihai Dorobantu, Director of Technology Planning and Government Affairs at Eaton

In today’s episode, we bring you our recent interview with Mihai Dorobantu the Director of Technology Planning and Government Affairs at Eaton. Eaton is huge global company with 99,000 employees and is a global leader in power transmission systems for heavy-duty automotive vehicles. They also have a huge non-automotive business in electrical power and distribution so they are potentially ideally positioned as the market transitions to electrified powertrains.

Being one of the first companies to launch a dedicated hybrid transmission system for heavy-duty, as well as numerous transmission variants for fully electric vehicles has allowed Eaton to learn and innovate leading to some interesting and surprising results that Mihai and Ryan discussed at length.

We covered the following questions and more:

  • Is single-speed the best solution for electric vehicle powertrain?
  • What are the reasons for investigating a multi-speed gearbox in a fully electric vehicle?
  • How can transmission technology help to significantly extend the range and performance of electric and hybrid vehicles?

Eaton’s website: https://www.eaton.com/us/en-us.html

Mihai’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mihai-dorobantu-50b9b38/

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