Employee Spotlight: Jack (Production Operative)

What is your favorite product to work on at AVID?

“It used to be the AVID MHS kit, as there was lots of problem-solving work regarding customer specifications. But now I love working on our EVO motors because that’s what I specialise in, so if anyone needs any information concerning the motors, they come specifically to me.”


What is the best thing about working at AVID?

“For me, it’s getting to work with some amazing engineers on a daily basis. I’ve learned so much from them, listening to them and absorbing their knowledge has made me ten times better at what I do.”


What is your favourite film?

“Oh that’s a tough one, but I think it’s got to be Boyz n the Hood, that was one of my favourite films growing up.”


What is your favourite thing to do in the North East?

“I like going hiking a lot. Up here we’re so close to some amazing scenery and wildlife, I love going Simonside and other places like that.”