Episode 12 – Electric Coolant Pumps – Everything You Need To Know

In this episode, we bring you a deep look at electric coolant/water pumps and how they work, what the differences between sealed and sealless pumps are, and what are their positives and negatives. This episode is based on a white paper recently released on AVID Technology’s website which you can read along with all the other white papers based on electric and hybrid vehicles. https://avidtp.com/comparison-of-sealed-and-sealless-pumps-for-automotive-applications/

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AVID’s YouTube Page for EV technology videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJdGkqGQvMSXxNC-4p8j3hA
AVID’s White Paper Series: https://avidtp.com/about/white-papers/

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