Employee Spotlight: Matt (Test Engineer)

What do you enjoy most about working at AVID? I’m an engineering, renewable energy buff, I absolutely love it, and I really enjoy my job. There are lots of other places I could go or things I could do, but … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Vikki (HR Manager)

What is your favourite part about working at AVID? “No two days are the same, every day has a new challenge, and the fact that I have been allowed to progress so much in my career, which has been very … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Paul (Sales Manager)

You’ve been at AVID for quite a while now, how would you say your career has grown since joining? I started at AVID 8 years ago as an Installation Technician. At the time we were building electric 4x4s and city … Read More

48V Mild Hybrid System (Infographic)

    AVID Technology 48V Mild Hybrid System Here at AVID, we have carried out extensive tests in order to fully understand the benefits of vehicle sub-systems electrification. Through these tests, in 2016 AVID successfully demonstrated a 48V MHEV delivery truck … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Jack (Production Operative)

What is your favorite product to work on at AVID? “It used to be the AVID MHS kit, as there was lots of problem-solving work regarding customer specifications. But now I love working on our EVO motors because that’s what … Read More

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