Geneva Motor Show 2018 Round Up

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We had the privilege to visit the 2018 Geneva Motor show to catch up with some of our customers. This is the first time in over 10 years we have visited as typically over the past few years AVID has … Read More

Next Generation Electric Motors Arrive at AVID

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AVID Technology Limited, which designs and manufactures electrified ancillaries for the electric and hybrid vehicle market, has secured a deal with Global engineering firm GKN to help develop its EVO Motors. AVID will take over the development, manufacture and sale of EVO … Read More

New Tow Dyno Test Facility

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AVID Tow Dyno We have had some new deliveries in the last few days at AVID that have raised a few eyebrows in Cramlington. Lots of people asking me what is it and why have we got it. The truck … Read More

The Rise of the Robo-Bus

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Published on Linkedin 26th April 2016. The world is getting excited about autonomous cars, in addition to the application of autonomous driving technology to cars there are many opportunities in heavy duty vehicles. A major example of this is the … Read More

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