Next Generation Electric Motors Arrive at AVID

AVID Technology Limited, which designs and manufactures electrified ancillaries for the electric and hybrid vehicle market, has secured a deal with Global engineering firm GKN to help develop its EVO Motors. AVID will take over the development, manufacture, and sale of EVO … Read More

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Thermal Management

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing and there are few commentators who are not predicting an overwhelming move to electrically based vehicle drive train in the near future (10 to 20-year time frame). Continual advances in both battery and … Read More

Heavyweights Get In The Ring To Take on Tesla

Climate change and urban air quality are two of the most important issues of our time. Emissions from vehicles and in particular Heavy Duty Vehicles being a significant contributor to both emissions of CO2 and exhaust pollutants leading to an … Read More

New Tow Dyno Test Facility

AVID Tow Dyno We have had some new deliveries in the last few days at AVID that have raised a few eyebrows in Cramlington. Lots of people asking me what is it and why have we got it. The truck … Read More

Google’s Car is Not About Cars – Progress in Autonomous Driving

Two interesting articles caught my eye today, the first posted by Roger Atkins was about Google’s Car project, and the efforts to adopt wireless charging. Now apart from the snappy headline this IEE piece is in itself not an interesting story to me. Wireless charging … Read More

What’s in a Battery Anyway? – Battery Electric Buses in London

As ever there is a lot of interesting news in and around batteries for energy storage in Electric Vehicles and other applications at the moment. Batteries are hugely important for the future not just for vehicles in both fully electric … Read More

The Rise of the Robo-Bus

Published on Linkedin 26th April 2016. The world is getting excited about autonomous cars, in addition to the application of autonomous driving technology to cars, there are many opportunities in heavy-duty vehicles. A major example of this is the humble … Read More

The Importance of Thermal Management For Modern Diesel Engines

The introduction of very stringent exhaust emissions limits such as the Euro VI and EPA 2015, or Tier 4 Final regulations in most key markets has led to some significant challenges. The legislation seeks to reduce key compounds in the … Read More

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Gearbox Lubrication

The current state of the art for automotive gearbox and axles is “splash” lubrication. Oil is literally splashed around inside the gearbox by the rotation of the gears providing lubrication. In an electric vehicle, whilst a conventional gearbox with varying ratios … Read More

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