Electric Motors 101: A Guide to Modern Motor Technologies

  Electric motors are everywhere, from household applications such as your toothbrush, refrigerator and phone, to the planes, trains and automobiles we use on our daily commutes. Ever since the invention of the electric motor in 1834, engineers have striven … Read More

Why Are Some Electric Vehicles More Efficient Than Others?

One of the key performance indicators for an electric vehicle is the achievable range on a given amount of battery capacity. The battery is the single most expensive component in the electric vehicle, representing around 60% of the total materials … Read More

Battery Degradation in Electric Vehicles Explained

Recently on our AVID Learning podcast, we covered the topic of battery degradation and how the state of health of a battery vehicle is determined. Our listeners specifically wanted to know if there was anything they could be doing to … Read More

What is a Battery Management System (BMS)?

This white paper is based on a recent AVID Learning podcast episode we released where we answered several listeners’ requests to talk more in-depth on Battery Management Systems or BMS to explain what they do and why they are needed. … Read More

Why are electric trucks much more efficient than diesels?

  An argument between Tesla and Daimler started after Tesla announced the launch of their electric semi-truck with a quoted range that when most people including Martin Daum who is the head of Trucks at Daimler did the maths seemed … Read More

Integration, Integration, Integration

This white paper covers the future development trends in electric and hybrid vehicle drivetrain. In particular, the integration of the powertrain electrical and electronic systems. This white paper deliberately ignores the battery pack and talks about everything else in the … Read More

How Does a Software Update Fix Diesel Emissions?

After 3 years the after-effects of “Dieselgate” are still rumbling on, with the recent arrest of Rupert Stadler the CEO of Audi and the German authorities forcing Daimler to recall hundreds of thousands of vehicles for software updates, I think … Read More

Comparison of Sealed and Sealless Pumps for Automotive Applications

Pumps are required for several key functions on a vehicle, oil pumps for lubrication, coolant pumps for cooling and refrigerant pumps for air conditioning systems to name three. This white paper will look at coolant pumps which are required for … Read More

What is the Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling System?

What is the Best Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling System? Electric vehicles use large batteries to store energy. The energy flowing into the battery pack as it is charged either from regenerative braking or from the grid and discharged from the … Read More

Next Generation Electric Motors Arrive at AVID

AVID Technology Limited, which designs and manufactures electrified ancillaries for the electric and hybrid vehicle market, has secured a deal with Global engineering firm GKN to help develop its EVO Motors. AVID will take over the development, manufacture, and sale of EVO … Read More

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Thermal Management

The popularity of electric vehicles is growing and there are few commentators who are not predicting an overwhelming move to electrically based vehicle drive train in the near future (10 to 20-year time frame). Continual advances in both battery and … Read More

Heavyweights Get In The Ring To Take on Tesla

Climate change and urban air quality are two of the most important issues of our time. Emissions from vehicles and in particular Heavy Duty Vehicles being a significant contributor to both emissions of CO2 and exhaust pollutants leading to an … Read More

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