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The Podcast for Electric Vehicle Fans 

This podcast is simply all about electric vehicle technology and the EV industry.

Whether it’s an episode with AVID Technology’s very own founder Ryan Maughan talking to special expert guests to learn more about their niche in the EV industry, or Ryan going into in-depth explanations on how various EV technology works, you are sure to learn a lot.

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Adam & Daddy
Adam & Daddy
Fascinating insight into technical aspects of electrification
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I am an EV and electrification enthusiast - I find this podcast extremely informative and useful - always a good listen!
Brilliantly Delivered
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I’ve listened to most of these podcasts and thoroughly recommended them. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of the electrification of vehicles both present and future you need look no further. Enjoy!
Excellent and informative
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It is sometimes difficult to get real engineering facts on EVs as the hype overtakes the physics. This is really well presented material from someone who knows what they are talking about and refreshingly, although they are in the business, it is factual. If you want one place to go for EV and hybrid facts this is it.
Great insider info
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It’s nice to be able to hear more on electric vehicles from someone who is working from within the industry and to hear exactly how the different technologies within EVs actually work
Great for engineers
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One of the few EV and battery technology podcasts that doesn't completely dumb down the discussion. Great for people that are in the field to try and stay up to date. Also great if you are new and trying to learn.
The Swedish Fleet Manager
The Swedish Fleet Manager
Great podcast!!
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The best way of understanding battery tech for dummies 👍
Next level
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Thoughtful, balanced, interesting, keep up the good work
Learn about EV
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I have been looking for a technical source of info about EV and this podcast does it. Great info on EV technology without getting so detailed that only an engineer would understand; helps sort through all the marketing mumbo jumbo. Great stuff. Thanks.

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Episode 44 – Interview with Isobel Sheldon, UK Battery Innovation Centre

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Isobel Sheldon who is the Director of Business Development at the new UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (UKBIC). Isobel has been involved in Lithium battery development for almost 20 … Read More

Episode 43 – Interview with Gerard Barron, CEO, Deep Green Metals

For this episode of the AVID Learning podcast Ryan Maughan speaks to Gerard Barron, who is the Chairman and CEO of DeepGreen Metals. We discuss the potential for the sustainable recovery of metals, including the Nickel, Copper and Cobalt required … Read More

Episode 42 – Interview with Steve Dodds, Technology Manager at TWI Ltd

In our first episode of 2020, we bring you an interview with Steve Dodds, head of Friction & Forge Processes at TWI based in Cambridge, U.K. Steve educated us on ‘friction stir welding’ which is a solid-state joining process that … Read More

Episode 41 – Electric Fan Design with AVID Lead Engineer Dr. Thanos Alexakis

Recently Ryan Maughan sat down with the Lead Engineer of AVID Technology’s Thermofluids and eMachines Engineering Team Dr Thanos Alexakis to discuss electric fan design for automotive applications. Thanos tells us about the process of designing a new fan product. … Read More

Episode 40 – Interview with Boris Tarnovski, Powertrain SE Team Leader at Rimac Automobili

In today’s episode, we bring you our recent interview with Boris Tarnovski, Team Leader of the Powertrain engineering team working on the Concept Two electric hypercar at Rimac a Croatian high-performance electric vehicle and powertrain manufacturer. Find out how Rimac … Read More

Episode 39 – EV Battery Show – Keynote Speech on Key Trends Driving Electrification

Today’s episode is a keynote speech recording from a conference at the EV Battery show conference in Stuttgart from earlier in the year in front of representatives from major vehicle OEMs and suppliers. Ryan talks about key trends that we … Read More

Episode 38 – Interview with James Goss, CEO of Motor Design Ltd

In today’s episode, we bring you our recent interview with James Goss an expert in electric motor design and CEO of Motor Design Ltd the leading developer of design software for electrical machine design in the high-performance automotive sector. Listen … Read More

Episode 37 – The AVID Origin Story

In this episode, we go slightly off-topic to answer some questions we have received from listeners as to what AVID Technology is, what we do, what vehicles does our technology go in, and what is the history of our company. … Read More

Episode 36 – Tesla Model S vs Porsche Taycan vs Audi e-Tron

In this episode, we are going to look specifically at the Audi e-Tron, Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model S and examine the powertrain differences to try to get to the bottom of the range difference by covering the various factors … Read More

Episode 35 – Interview with Mihai Dorobantu, Director of Technology Planning and Government Affairs at Eaton

In today’s episode, we bring you our recent interview with Mihai Dorobantu the Director of Technology Planning and Government Affairs at Eaton. Eaton is huge global company with 99,000 employees and is a global leader in power transmission systems for … Read More

Episode 34 – Interview with Uwe Muller, Program Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment

Today we bring you our recent interview with Uwe Muller, Program Manager at Volvo Construction Equipment. Uwe has been involved in some incredible off-highway electrification projects, such as Volvo’s electric quarry project. Uwe tells us in-depth about his fascinating experiences … Read More

Episode 33 – Supercapacitors – What are they & where are they used in an EV?

This episode of the AVID Learning podcast is all about supercapacitors and is in response to a listener request for more information on this topic. It has taken us a while to answer it so sorry Stefan but thank you … Read More

Episode 32 – Powertrain Strategy

There is a huge amount of legislative change going on globally relating to vehicle emissions, so in today’s episode, we talk about Europe and the changes that have been made and the further changes that are coming. We have seen … Read More

Episode 31 – Interview with Dr BenTodd, CEO of Arcola Energy on Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Today we bring you our interview with Ben Todd, the CEO and founder of Arcola Energy. Arcola Energy is a systems engineering company and Tier 1 supplier specialising in hydrogen, fuel cells and batteries. They build systems for zero-emission vehicles … Read More

Episode 30 – Motor Technology in Electric Vehicles – A Complete Guide

This episode is in response to a question from a listener, who asked if we could help him to understand the different terminology used in the electric vehicle world to describe electric motors. He had seen various different terms used … Read More

Episode 29 – Interview with Ian Goodman, EV Entrepreneur & Principal Fellow at WMG, University of Warwick

In this episode, we bring you a fascinating interview with Ian Goodman, an engineer and entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in vehicle electrification! Ian is currently the Principal Fellow of Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Warwick’s WMG and … Read More

Episode 28 – Toyota: The Self-Charging Car Controversy

Today we take a look at the recent controversy brought about by Toyota’s high profile advertisement campaign where they boldly claim that their car is ‘self-charging’. Listen as we take a look at their disputed claims and break them down … Read More

Episode 27 – Interview with Dan Caesar, MD of Fully Charged Show

  Today we are excited to share with you our recent interview with Dan Caesar, the Managing Director of the amazing Fully Charged show. Despite not being an engineer, we had a great conversation with Dan about his incredible insight … Read More

Episode 26 – Interview with Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy

  Today we bring you our interview with Matthew Lumsden, the CEO of U.K. company Connected Energy. Matthew tells us how he got to where he is in his career and what Connected Energy do in the field of battery … Read More

Episode 25 – Interview with Eva Hakansson, Land Speed Record Holder

  We are proud to bring you an amazing guest on the show today, the world land speed record holder for an electric motorcycle, Dr. Eva Hakansson! In this fascinating conversation Eva spoke to us about: – How she first … Read More

Episode 24 – Interview with Volker Pickert, Professor of Power Electronics at Newcastle University

  We bring you a fascinating conversation with Volker Pickett who has been researching vehicle electrification for 25 years and is currently the Head of Power Electronics at Newcastle University in the UK. Volker Interestingly started his career researching vehicle … Read More

Episode 23 – Interview with Paul Butler, CEO of North East Automotive Alliance

We are excited to bring you our interview with Paul Butler CEO of the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA). In this episode, we talk with Paul about the work of the NEAA and how it helps and supports vehicle manufacturers … Read More

Episode 22 – Low and High Voltage Electrification

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan is in Germany at the Electric & Hybrid Industrial Vehicle Technology show in Cologne which looks specifically at opportunities for electrification of heavy-duty and off-highway machinery. Ryan gave a … Read More

Episode 21 – Tri-Voltage Electric Vehicle Architecture What Is It & Why Should You Care?

Our 1st episode of 2019 brings you an in-depth explanation of tri-voltage powertrain architecture in electric vehicles. As EV and hybrid vehicles are becoming widespread, engineers are continuously trying to improve efficiency by using tri-voltage architecture. In this episode, we … Read More

Episode 20 – Efficiency in Electric Vehicles

Several listeners of the podcast have asked what are the main reasons for the differences in efficiency, i.e. why is there a difference in the efficiency published between Europe and the USA and others have been interested to know why … Read More

Episode 19 – Interview with James Carter of Vision Mobility – Autonomous Vehicles – Charging Infrastructure – Future of Mobility

We are excited to bring you our interview with James Carter, a Consultant for Vision Mobility in Canada. With 2 decades of experience in the vehicle industry at Toyota and Vision Mobility, James is an expert in future mobility and … Read More

Episode 18 – 48V Power Supply Conference in Berlin – Vehicle Electrification

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan is in Germany at the 48V Power Supply Conference in Berlin giving a presentation to his peers in the automotive industry. In this presentation, he gives a great overview … Read More

Episode 17 – Electric Vehicle Battery Degradation In Depth – Listener Request Episode

We have been asked by a listener of the podcast to do a more in-depth piece around battery degradation, to explain the truths obscured by the myths, and what the best ways to maintain your battery are in order to … Read More

Episode 16 – Interview With Matt Boyle, Former President & CEO Of Sevcon Discussing The Electric Vehicle Industry

We are excited to bring you our interview with Matt Boyle an expert in vehicle electrification, former President and CEO of Sevcon a British power electronics company listed on the American stock exchange and recently bought out by BorgWarner. In … Read More

Episode 15 – Why are Electric Trucks Much More Efficient Than Diesels? – Tesla – Daimler

In this episode, we answer the question, why are electric trucks much more efficient than diesels? An argument started between Tesla and Daimler after Tesla announced the launch of their electric semi truck with a quoted range that when most … Read More

Episode 14 – Interview with Dr. Colin Herron, UK expert on Electric Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure

We are excited to bring you our interview with one of the UK’s leading experts on electric vehicle infrastructure. In this episode, we talk with Dr. Colin Herron the Managing Director of Zero Carbon Futures about electric vehicles, EV charging … Read More

Episode 13 – Battery Management Systems In Depth – Listener Request Episode

We have been asked by several listeners of the podcast to do a more in-depth piece on Battery Management Systems, or BMS to explain what they do and why they are needed, so that’s exactly what we have done in … Read More

Episode 12 – Electric Coolant Pumps – Everything You Need To Know

In this episode, we bring you a deep look at electric coolant/water pumps and how they work, what the differences between sealed and sealless pumps are, and what are their positives and negatives. This episode is based on a white … Read More

Episode 11 – EV News Daily Podcast Interview – Special Episode

In this episode, we bring you a recent interview AVID Learning’s Ryan Maughan did with Martyn Lee of the very popular ‘EV News Daily’ podcast. Find out about the components of your electric vehicles. Why all large automakers are talking … Read More

Episode 10 – Battery Cell Technology in Electric Vehicles

In this episode, we dive deeper into battery technology, specifically the cells because this is really one of the key enablers in vehicle electrification. We’ll teach you the basics of the various battery types and what the future of battery … Read More

Episode 9 – Discussing Electrification at the Integer Emissions Summit in Germany

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses the opportunity for electrification in heavy-duty machinery, in particular, our experience of 48V in mild hybrid systems and 24V micro hybrid systems for off-highway and commercial vehicle applications … Read More

Episode 8 – Multi Motor Systems in Electric Vehicles

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses why electric vehicles have more than one motor in them when traditional combustion engine vehicles only have one engine. What are the technical real-life practical reasons more motors … Read More

Episode 7 – Driveline Integration – Future Development Trends in Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrain

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses the future development trends in electric & hybrid vehicle drivetrain, particularly in electrical systems. We’re planning a separate episode about battery cells and battery systems soon so we … Read More

Episode 6 – Thermal Management in Other EV Systems – Improving EV Range Efficiency

In our last episode AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discussed battery thermal management systems, however in this episode, he discusses in detail thermal management systems in other components such as inverters and motors and more. In hot … Read More

Episode 5 – Battery Thermal Management – Nissan Leaf – Tesla

In this episode, AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses in detail battery thermal management, plus the issues that the Nissan Leaf and 1st generation Tesla car owners are reporting when using fast charge points in hot weather. … Read More

Episode 4 – Major Newsflashes from the World of Electric Vehicles

Breaking from the usual technical episodes we just had to bring you an update on some of the major EV industry newsflashes from the past few weeks brought to you by AVID Technology MD and industry expert Ryan Maughan. In … Read More

Episode 3 – Dieselgate – How Does a Software Update Fix Diesel Emissions?

AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses the Dieselgate scandal based on his recent white paper on the topic (link below) and covers the recent arrest of the AUDI CEO, how vehicles were designed to cheat the emissions … Read More

Episode 2 – Fuel Cell VS Battery EV Tech

AVID Technology’s founder and Managing Director Ryan Maughan discusses in detail the “battle” between fuel cell and electric vehicle technology. Answering questions such as, are there actually any differences between the two? If so what? How does each technology work? … Read More

Episode 1 – Your 48v Questions Answered

This interactive session brings you several 48V experts from FORD, Johnson Controls International, and AVID’s very own Managing Director Ryan Maughan, answering your questions on the technical challenges and developments. It is a chance to hear from the teams behind … Read More