EVO Electric Motors

AVID has taken over the design, manufacture and distribution of the high performance EVO Electric Motors from GKN. These motors have one of the highest power density’s of any electric vehicle drive motor available on the market today. Making them suitable for a range of high performance drivetrain applications.



AVID Technology and GKN have joined forces on the development of the EVO Axial Flux electric motors for electric vehicle propulsion and other high performance drive applications.

AVID has taken over the development, manufacture and sale of EVO Motors from GKN. Production of the existing AF-125, AF-130, AF-140, AF-230 and AF-240 motors has transferred to AVID’s facility in the North East of England.

AVID EVO AF Motor Specification Table

TheĀ arrangement will also see AVID developĀ EVO technology, which delivers new variants of the motor and additional applications.

More information will be available soon. In the mean time if you need a high power density electric motor for vehicle propulsion or any other application contact us here for more information.