How We Started


Comesys Europe was established in 2004 to design and manufacture control and measurement systems for heavy duty vehicles, such as electronic throttle controls, electronic control systems, CANbus interfaces and other mobile electronics. Through this the company became involved in the design of more efficient engine thermal management systems using its skills in electronics and control system design to develop a system that offered significant fuel savings compared to the traditional belt and hydraulic powered systems found in heavy duty vehicles.

Then in 2008, AVID Vehicles was established as a spin out of the company’s Research and Development business into a stand alone company. The focus was primarily in the development of electric and hybrid vehicle power train systems and the continued development of electrified engine ancillaries and thermal management systems.

The AVID Group was formed in 2009 by bringing together the two established businesses AVID Vehicles and ComeSys Europe Limited. Both businesses were re-branded to adopt the AVID name and a new group structure was adopted. After a period of strong growth it became clear that the future potential for the business lay with electrified engine ancillaries and efficient thermal management systems, leading to the un-related areas of the business being divested.

The AVID Innovation business, which contained all activity relating to the electric vehicle power train development unit was sold to Hyperdrive in March 2012. In May 2012 the drive by wire controls business was also sold to Continental Automotive. Continental have been a long standing customer of the business for many years white labelling AVID designed controls and sensors, and has integrated this business into their Special OEM division.


Where We Are Now


AVID is now recognised as a leader in the field of systems electrification and heavy duty vehicle hybridisation. Our core business is the electrification and intelligent control of engine ancillaries, thermal management systems and hybrid systems.

We have a highly skilled engineering team and a number of patents pending on our unique technology. AVID continues to grow as a business by investing our efforts into key areas of research and development in collaboration with our customer base of leading vehicle manufacturers and operators.

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