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An introduction

AVID Technology Limited is a market leader in the design and manufacture of electrified ancillary and advanced thermal management systems for heavy duty and high performance vehicles and machinery.

AVID pioneered the electrification of the thermal management system in transit bus applications in Europe and beyond with its eFan Micro Hybrid System. Its system remains the leading solution in the market place proven time and time again to deliver the greatest improvements to efficiency and reliability thanks to AVID’s proprietary technology.

AVID’s innovative technology is used by many leading vehicle manufacturers to enable heavy duty and high performance electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicle powertrains with efficient thermal management, lubrication and electric ancillary drive systems.

With extensive experience in the field and the ability to support customers from concept to production, the company is recognised as a leader in its field with an established global customer base of leading vehicle manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers and heavy duty fleet operators.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of their vehicles and machinery to tackle the market and legislative demands to reduce vehicle emissions and fuel consumption through intelligent electrification and control of ancillary systems. We help our customers to develop their new vehicle platforms on time and on budget by working from initial concept design through to series manufacture providing innovative, cost effective and rapid solutions based on our technology platforms.

Climate change, urban air quality and the rising cost of energy are major issues of our time. The energy consumption and exhaust emissions of vehicles are a major contributor to these issues. Heavy Duty Vehicles are essential for every day life and by their nature consume a lot of fuel and produce a lot of exhaust emissions. AVID is playing an important role in tackling these major challenges.

Saving the planet one vehicle at a time!